Expert Opinions

Our team of experts consists of doctors, dietitians, pharmacists, and personal trainers who ensure that every Habyt formula represents the highest quality.

Dr. Tordai Henrietta

University of Szeged

During my professional career, I have participated in the development of various dietary supplements and vitamin preparations. The quality of Habyt vitamins is outstanding, with the ingredients sourced from high-quality suppliers. Special attention was given during production to minimize the use of excipients, thereby ensuring a high vitamin content. I hope many of you will find the path to a healthy lifestyle with Habyt’s preparations!

Berekméri Anna
Personal Trainer, Recreation Organizer


In addition to exercise, what we put into our bodies plays a crucial role in a healthy lifestyle. As a former competitive athlete, I have experienced how important it is to have a diet and nutrient intake tailored to individual needs. Habyt represents this principle by compiling its unique formulas.