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Habyt – Your personalized vitamin pack delivered to your door.
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Vitamins tailored for you

  • Personalized vitamins
    By completing the Habyt online questionnaire, you can also find out which vitamins you need.
  • Convenience
    Monthly vitamin pack delivered to your home, in sustainable packaging, with a renewable subscription.
  • Healthy habits
    We help you establish healthy habits! The first step: taking your vitamins daily. Első lépés: a napi vitamin szedés.

Complete the health test

The Habyt health test inquires about your lifestyle, diet, and health objectives. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to fill out!

Order your personalized
vitamin pack

Based on your answers, we’ll deliver your custom-assembled pack to your home and send a monthly refill.

Make health
your habit

Daily doses in your box to make taking Habyt vitamins a routine.

There’s only one of you…

That’s why your pack contains only the vitamins that meet your specific needs. The Habyt health test takes into account not just your lifestyle, but also your personal health goals. Whether it’s about stress relief, boosting immunity, or energy levels, we are here to help you!

However, it’s important to understand that we don’t offer miracle pills! Our creed is that alongside taking vitamins, proper nutrition, exercise, and mental balance are crucial to a healthy life. Habyt aids in establishing healthy habits, starting with daily vitamin intake. Learn more about it!



Our ingredients are sourced from non-genetically modified crops

Microbiologically Tested

Manufacturing process complies with international regulations


Free from artificial colors and preservatives

Vegan vitamins

Without exception, all our vitamins are encapsulated in vegan capsules

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Ready to personalize?

Ready to personalize?

Don’t wait for “next Monday” to make a change—start today!

The first step towards a new healthy habit is to complete the Habyt health test.

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